About Cindy


Hello World, my name is Cindy Blignaut,

I am a team player who isn’t scared of getting dirty.
I love working with my hands and never sit still.
Leading, organizing and open minded, that’s me.
I’m flexible and love working with other people.
Organic forms inspire me and knowing how a thing works is important for me.
Something that fascinates me is “the human behavior“.
Mainly as a Product Designer I focus on special events, exhibitions,
stage sets and projects where physical experiences play a role.
As an Art Teacher I focus on easy lectures about shaping different materials.

Graduated in 2012 at Art academy St. Joost Breda: Bachelor’s degree in spatial DESIGN.
Graduated in 2014 at Art academy Fontys Tilburg: Bachelor’s degree in art EDUCATION.

Graduation projects, Art academy St. Joost:

Lemonade bar for children and a color test to experience what one does and does not perceive in everyday life.


2012 – 2013 | Christoffel MAVO school | Arts and crafts teacher | Breda
For one year I lectured kids from the age 12 to 16 years.

2011 | Simon Haen | Theater (decor) designer | Tilburg
I worked with Simon Hean for 11 weeks. Mainly we worked on theatre design. As decors for musicals, street theatre, and dance performances on location.

2010 | Marien Schouten | Ceramist | Amsterdam
For 10 weeks we (a group from school) worked on a sculpture with Marien Schouten. He learned us how to make a big ceramic sculpture.

Dutch self-employed company:

Creatief met Cindy – KinderAtelier

In 2012 begon Cindy met haar eerste opdrachten. Ze liep stage op “Tessenderlandt locatie Christoffel te Breda”, haar eerste vak was handvaardigheid. Na haar studie viel ze in op diverse scholen. Haar tweede vak was decorbouw en snel volgde techniek, tekenen, schilderen en textiel.

Haar vakken als docent zijn:
– Handvaardigheid
– Kunst & Cultuur
– Decorbouw
– Techniek
– Tekenen / schilderen
– Dienst en product
– Kunstgeschiedenis

U kunt Cindy als docent voor een workshop inhuren of voor kinderfeestjes.

Vermeld hierin een opdracht / thema of kies een bestaande opdracht op de website.

Leer diverse technieken tijdens het kinderatelier, workshops en cursussen van Juf Cindy:

Creatief met…Papier…..Hout….Karton….En meer. Bekijk het aanbod op: WORKSHOP AGENDA

Leuk om te maken als cadeau of bedankje.

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