The Happy Tool Friends

Group: Allart de Voogd, Cindy Blignaut, Denise Motz, Karina van Leengoed & Rogier
Project: Forbidden fruit
Location: Amsterdam
Event: Buiten Westen (Festival)
Year: 20 july 2013


The Forbidden Fruit is a wonderfull white tree fulled up with fruit. You are not allowed to eat the fruit! But at the end of the day all the nice people sneaked into the little guarden and stole some of the nice bannanas.. I can’t blame them, but I did catch them on photo! If you dare to eat from the forbidden fruit then you really are a naughty boy or girl 😉

This project was sponsored by The Good Guys.

We loved building it!

Happy Tool Friends is a group of artists that work toghether on big projects. Every artist has his or her own set of tools. Because we are all so different our ideas are to.


All works © Cindy Blignaut 2013
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of CREATIEF MET CINDY – Cindy Blignaut

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