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On the Festival KANTOR in Amsterdam 2013, I got an ART-Cabin to exhibit my work or to do a project. I choose to do a project. One could independently participate in my project. I collected the fingerprint and birthplaces of all the visitors on post-it’s. The post-it’s spread throughout the cabin with enough data to achieve a art-data-work for the 2nd edition of KANTOR next year. I loved doing this project and I’m looking forward for the next edition.

KANTOR festival 2013:

During the weekend of 5 and 6 October Bright Offices in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, will become a theater, a gallery,  a cinema, a restaurant, ‘art cabins’ and a club for one weekend.

ART-Cabin 2013

Im from P1030625

Art – Data – Work KANTOR 2013

P1060033All works © Cindy Blignaut 2013

Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of CREATIEF MET CINDY – Cindy Blignaut

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